Wednesday, January 30, 2008

(JessFinds) She is a Democrat

I just did something shocking - I registered as a Democrat this morning. The last time I was a registered Democrat was 1992 ... it has been 16 years! I spent most of those 16 years as a registered Libertarian. I had a short stint in 1995 as a Republican, but the Young Republican group on my college campus scared me. All that "vote party not person" politics make me gag a little ... what is the word? Oh yes - MARF (mouth barf). 
I became a Libertarian because both mainline parties gave me heartburn. Not that I ever expected a Libertarian to win of course. That whole legalization of the 2P's -pot and prostitution- never sits well with your midwestern American voter. Now anyone who knows their politics knows that there is more to being a Libertarian than hands-off government, but most folks cling to the 2P stigma. I did vote Democrat in the last 2 elections though. 

We are not a Super Tuesday state. Turns out our primary is in early March. 

So I am an official Democrat. And I am an Obamacrat at that. You may have noticed from my Widget on the sidebar that I am an Obamafan. An Obamawannabe. An ObamaMomma. But I need to add that I am saddened that John Edwards has dropped out of the race today. He was keeping things on track for Obama and Clinton. They seem eager to get in to barb-trades and political dodge-ball and Edwards "don't play like that." I hope he ends up endorsing Obama this week. 

And now for my Hilary take. I just don't find her Presidential. I don't like her. She comes across as disingenuous and processed. Her ambition is remarkable but a little too translucent for my preferences. Yes, I want to see a woman president. Yes it is way past it's time. Is Hilary our bet bet? Nope. I have a hard time believing she is the best we could come up with. The best thing about Hilary is Bill and I am not sure that should be enough to win the White House.

And before I completely horrify my readers, I actually like Johnny Mac. I think Mr. McCain would be a decent president. Heck, even Mitt Romney would be a decent president. He did a great job in Massachusetts. I feel fortunate that our Republican options this year do not come across as minions for the Evil Empire. At least not yet, right? They both seem like stand-up guys. Not as stand-up as Obama, but not bad enough to renounce my citizenship over either. 

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Preacher said...

I'd like to see Clinton and Maggie Thatcher arm wrestle. Or perhaps a good round of Mui Thai, I know Mags would take her even today.

So far I'm not convinced Hillary is the one, not to mention, as much as I may love Bill the Clinton's are just a bit too dirty. Not to mention Hill's hasn't acted like a democrat since she started her term in the senate. She kept playing the, "no really, I'm a conservative hawk democrat...really guys....I can play" game.