Monday, December 20, 2010

[JessFinds] First real snow of the year

Whew. Cutting it close! We sold our truck. Have donated and found homes for almost all of the stuff that we don't want to move. We need to sell our snow blower but I am watching the weather and hoping we don't need it to get out of our driveway! Just light snow for now.

Get to work kid...

I have both girls at home now. It could go great or go very badly. Gonzo is a bully and just pesters Miss Crab till she loses it. When they play nicely - it is bliss. I am really hoping for more of the latter.

My husband married the right girl when it comes to this life we have built. He does not drop roots and neither do I.  I am looking around me at this house, our improvements, our little plot of land and thinking ... meh. My little brother is my exact opposite. My mom too. They build up around them, engage in their surroundings, plant things and form attachments. I am a nomad. I moved six times while at the same college (why???). I must have just loved paying security deposits.

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Joie said...

Um snow blower? Oh how I wish you had extra space in that minivan. I would totally buy it from you.