Monday, November 1, 2010

[JessFinds] The Halloween that almost wasn't...

Now that I have stripped my children's haul of all airhead candies, I can tell the tale of the Mom who Ruined Halloween! Bwahahaha!

It was the perfect end to Craptober.

Preacher and I drove the girls to the big Halloween party. Pulled up to the driveway. Hmmm. Awful quiet. Preacher asks if I have the invite. I do. I look at it. The party was SATURDAY not Sunday! Whoops! My girls have been so excited about his party and I totally blew it. I have a moment of stunned silence.

I started laughing hysterically, Preacher joined in.

[Keep in mind that he just informed his entire congregation, only hours before, that he has been "let go" due to economic worries - we have not had too much to laugh about!]

Miss Crab piped up with: "I don't think it is very funny at all."

Okay. Back to reality. Must save Halloween!

Zoooooom off to the house, throw on sweatshirts and walking shoes. Zooooom over to our favorite neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  Caught up with a few friends and braved the cold. One and a half hours later, two exhausted little goblins and a truckload of candy. WHEW. Halloween saved!

Cheers to all the mama's with too much on their agendas. Cheers to Plan B, Plan C and maybe even D. Cheers to the manufacturers of all that candy goodness. This was our third year making the rounds in this particular neighborhood - Cheers to all the folks with the wonderful decorations and backup candy for hundreds of kids.


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Joie said...

It had better be a BETTER November!