Saturday, November 6, 2010

[JessFinds] The Look Faux Less

This is really silly - but I was sorta enamored with this crazy scarf at

Image - Shrewd Stitches Stole - $238

But then I saw the price tag. $238? Really? Enter the Look Faux Less! This one has my vote because it has x's on the eyes. That is just funny. Plus the droopy whiskers are a bonus.

On Etsy at $38 - this one is Faux Fox Scarf in Luscious Black Fur

Or maybe this? Very realistic. Like, "This fox is hyper-alert and could jump off my neck and tear off your face." I like that. My fashion should be fierce. You know, like rabid animal fierce.

Silver Forks - $95 on Etsy
And I am as dead serious as I am dead sexy. I actually think the idea of a faux fox is just perfectly wonky enough to pull off this winter with all the drab grays and blacks of the season. You know you want one too, even though you are not 24 and nerd chic either. 


SaysJamie said...

I like the black fox and agree that the X on the eyes are funny! I think I just may check that out, thanks! ~Jamie


Joie said...

I like the feet on the first one and the eyes on the second. However, I don't like the black color.