Friday, November 12, 2010

[JessFinds] Holiday Gift Guides

Each autumn, I put together a Crave List for each of my children. It is both a wish-list and a gift guide. Admittedly, we do have family that go off the list for Christmas ideas. But more importantly, the feedback I have received over the years from bloggy parents and grandparents has been great. I am no expert, but I do love curating fun finds. Our Crave Lists (Marie has Lust Lists) are some of the highest repeat traffic areas of our blog.

There are very practical items along with crazy $$$ out-of-this-world ones (check out the pirate bed or cottage bed for this curated round!) I think of it as inspiration boards and ideas.

Note: If you are family and actually interested in the girl's stats... Miss Crab is a girls size 6 but has an itty bitty waist so we look for pants that are adjustable. Shoe size is 11.5 toddler.  Miss Gonzo is a size 4T and wears a size 9.5 toddler shoe. Parker loves all things purple and green. Paige goes nuts for pink.

I am trying something new this year and hosting the gift guide off-site via Kaboodle. You can just click the link to go directly or wait for the slide show below.


What do you get a six and a half year old tomboy for Christmas?
6 (1/2) YEAR OLD GIRL - Crave List 2010

                      Six Year Old Gift Guide   jessfinds             


What do you get a 4 year old force of energy for Christmas?
4 YEAR OLD GIRL - Crave List 2010

                      4 Year Old Gift Guide   jessfinds          


What do you get for a really long cross country road trip with two kids?


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