Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[JessFinds] Finally made the headlines...

We are famous. Famous for being canned! Woohoo! It is always fun when you make the newspaper for a big life achievement, like being the face of the new disastrous  economy.

Actually, the article in our local paper was not that bad. There were a few errors, a few misquotes - but whatever. Nothing to cry over. They were interested in numbers during the interview, and I am interested in 100% transparency, so we gave them numbers. How much the Preacher makes. How much we bought our house for. I did not think that they would be used, but again - whatever. It is tacky but if that is what people care about then by all means, lap it up. I don't play coy when they are just facts.

Also, our local paper had the story before we knew what our next step was. So maybe it is easier to read because I know we are fine. All will be fine.

Another local paper contacted hubby for an interview, so we will see how that goes. It is hard being so famous. I swear, the paparazzi are camped out on our lawn. 

UPDATE: The other article was written by a bigger paper and was actually really well done with the exception of an unflattering photo of my hawt husband. Two papers in one week. Famous us. Email me if you would like a link to the articles.


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