Tuesday, October 5, 2010

(MarieFinds) The Lust List 2010

Jess has a Crave List. I do my Lust List. Lust is a little less practical I think. Fall is in full swing here in the fabulous Pacific Northwest. Today is downright chilly. But beautiful October chilly - cool, clear, blue, gold and green.

Things I want under the tree this year:

A classic / retro apron. (I actually asked for this this year ... though I won't have it in time for Thanksgiving, unfortunately.) For Portlanders, they sell some fab ones at SweetWares (http://www.bakerandspicebakery.com/sweetwares/).

These boots from Ugg. I have a pair of classic Uggs that I never would have bought for myself. I love them. They are perfect fall /winter boots. Perfect slippers. The most comfortable shoes in the world. And I only feel a little weird about the Paris Hilton thing. These are a little dressier, and hopefully just as comfortable.The most beautiful coat in the world ... but I will never buy it for $700. God, I love Kate Spade.

Another item I am actually hoping to acquire this year ... a new crock pot. My good one crapped out, and I need a replacement. I love that this one goes stove top to insert, but I have heard there are some issues with the finish peeling. On the market for a good one, if anyone knows of one off hand.

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