Saturday, October 2, 2010

[JessFinds] Yard Sale

 The Big Deal - Part III

I need to get a big yard sale ready to rock and roll - quickly. Maybe by next weekend (the weather report looks like we might have a stretch of sunshine).

Calling all moms ... help! It has been eons since I staged a succesful tag sale and back then I was without kiddlets.

Once upon a time, I moved from Seattle to Virginia. Right before the move, we sold 2/3 of our things. Seriously. 2/3. So freeing. We were moving from almost 1,900 sq feet in to 900 sq feet.
The 90.5 inch Pew ... Any takers? Ignore the Ikea slide...
Now I have 2,300 sq feet of packed to the gills and it has to go. We can't stage this place for sale until we do a major purge.

Ideas? Suggestions? Anyone in need of a 8 foot church pew? 



Vic said...

i have no luck with because i usually give everything away...sending luck your way...have a good weekend...joining u from bloggy moms

victoria said...

piqued - post pew pic please!

JESS said...

Photo posted!

Joie said...

Not the pew, but the piano!

victoria said...

is it oak? how old approx? and quanto questa?

JESS said...

I believe it is oak, I have NO idea how old the purty benchy is, but I always envisioned it auto powder-coat painted in a high gloss turquoise. I have vision, see?

It was acquired from an old local church that is now defunct. Baptist in nature. I can have Preacher bless the pew for an additional $20 (I kid, I kid).

If I put it on CL, I would probably ask between $100 - $150 and be glad with anything in that range. Open to offers though.