Thursday, October 21, 2010

[JessFinds] Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen for Thursday - The top 13 things on my mind right now:

1. Why did I eat all the Shrimp Mozambique and then add dessert? Why? I am in pain.

2. I wonder if I took a bath right now if it would wake up the kids.

3. My friends are the cream of the crop, I am so incredibly blessed to have such a tight knit group of people dear to my heart. They lift me up. They love me. I don't need to be reminded, but it is awesome that they remind me when they think I need it.

4. Our new lawyer really has 15 kids? And a cow? I have to shake that thought before I go to bed.

5. I can't believe we had that much stuff to return to Home Depot in our basement.

6. I feel ambivalently numb about this house. Meh.

7. Crap, I forgot to pick up my perscription at Rite Aid.

8. My husband is really a sweetheart. I should go hug him.

9. If the weather is nice, I need to walk tomorrow. I have to move some of this energy.

10. If I don't get my eyebrows done soon, someone is going to swat at the albino caterpillars on my forehead.

11. "I'm an alien...i'm an illegal alien...i'm an Englishman in New York... ooohooooh"

12. I am glad I learned the term Mondegreen today.

13. Tomorrow I will buy winter tights. In gray, black and maroon. Bright maroonish-purple.

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