Monday, October 25, 2010

[JessFinds] Sometimes things go right

So (to repeat) my daughter has been diagnosed with High Functioning Aspergers (HFA) and may have some overlap with anxiety and attention deficit issues, but that will all come to light as we move forward.

Today I had the preliminary meeting with the county and our school district - lovely, lovely people. I explained our unusual situation and they all agreed to help get observations, testing and recommendations done by the first week in December if possible (!!!). Again,  lovely, lovely people. I also informed Miss Crab's private school that they will be having a child psychologist sitting in on a class in the near future.

Found out a lot about the education services laws. I am interested to see what Miss Crab's school will do. They are private and receive no federal or state funding, so they have no obligation to provide services (and  they don't offer services). I double checked this with the pros and they confirmed. We have access to a lot of programs locally because we are taxpayers. I guess we just have to see what happens. I have a hard time imagining them embracing the idea of a specialized education plan. 

I hate not knowing what is next, but at least we are on the right path.

Anyway - very nice, receptive and friendly team of people. I needed something to go right in the glorious month of Craptober. 

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