Monday, October 18, 2010

[JessFinds] Oh Hello Monday

[Hello Blog Hoppers! Let me know you were here!]

Oh Monday. Whew. Another week survived, another fresh start.

I am taking Crab to the doctor today. It was supposed to be her 6 year old checkup but I think it is turning in to a sick visit - poor thing has a barking cough. Can a cough be described as chewy? Eeew. I just gagged.

I really need to make sure I put my health in the primo #1 position. Vitamins, temple food, liquids, fresh air, lots of sleep - the full routine.  With all that has been going on (read: dumped on our heads) I cannot afford to crumble. Stress always does a number to my immune system. Any tips or tricks you would like to share? Add walking and washing hands like Howard Hughes to that list.

I did something completely irreponsible and purchased a expensive pair of shoes. My hubby rewarded me for working so hard and looking so cute (hahahaha!). I have had a multi-year obsession with a beautiful pair of Frye 8 inch rise Engineer boots. I have blogged about this love affair. So, I finally ordered the darn things. We call it committing Salvation Armani in our household. My husband does it far more frequently than I do (tisk-tisk). I just can't justify spending money on myself (ever). We never use credit. But I have to tell you - it felt GOOD placing that order.


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