Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[JessFinds] Halloween

Our first born was seen more as a Halloween prop ... 2004. Clearly she is pleased.
I love Halloween. It has been a family tradition for Preacher and I to go "all out" for Halloween in years past. It is hit-and-miss these years. We don't really live in an area that supports grownups in costumes. It is considered eccentric from what I can gather. We finally made friends with a couple that believe in celebrating Halloween to the fullest but, unfortunately, this year is not going to be our year for a big all out costume extravaganza.

Halloween 2009
Gonzo is still working out her costume - seriously, this kid has changed her mind six times. The other day she announced that she wanted to go as a cranberry. Ooookay. Miss Crab is going to be a bat and has stuck by the decision (love that kid).

I am thrilled that my girls have both been invited to a kids Halloween party on Sunday. It should be a lot of fun for them. I have been told it will be spooky ... but not "too" spooky. Sidenote: I want to move someplace where the town does Halloween parades - I love seeing kids strutting about in their costumes.

Photos to come! I think we may have Gonzo convinced that being a bat is a good idea too. 

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