Friday, October 29, 2010

[JessFinds] Halloween, Visits and What an Old Lady I Am

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This is going to be a very hard weekend for my family. But after this weekend, I can blog all about it!

So we are trying to focus on the kids having a good Halloween. Miss Crab's costume is complete - she is going to be a fabulous bat thanks to her grandmother's efforts on the sewing machine. Gonzo is building her witch costume. We are going to look for a broom today. Gonzo insisted she wanted to be a seagull yesterday. I say "Yes! Brilliant!" to everything because when it comes down to it - girlfriend is going to be a  witch! 

I also get a very much anticipated visit with friends this weekend. I love how Ashley is always okay with our last minute repertoire. She knows my stress level has been off the charts and offered up a simple "let my husband cook dinner for you, we'll pour wine and let the kids play." Sigh. Perfection. That is exactly what I want these days. That is all I really want any given day! My girls are excited for an overnight and we are just looking forward to spending time with people who have braved the trenches with us. 

Old lady moment: So I have had Hashimoto's for a while. It has been managed pretty well. No big deal, just take a little pill to level out the hormones. I recently went to my primary doctor to bring the management in-house because I really don't care much for my endocrinologist and we need to consolidate our medical records for ease of access. So he  ran some tests to re-establish the baseline. I asked him to tack on cholesterol and vitamin screening. So glad I did!

I have been attributing my low energy and outright exhaustion to all the stress we are under. I am sure it plays a part, but my thyroid level plummeted and apparently I am vitamin D deficient. Those two things on their own = sluggishness. Together? Lethargy. Now I don't feel like such a lazy ass. It also creates an environment for depression, etc... Doc has requested a meeting to discuss the findings. Pretty sure all of it can be fixed pretty easily.

Bodies are weird. 


Joie said...

You are going to hate this but my doctor recommended 5 minutes 2x per week in the tanning bed with sunscreen on my face, throat, chest, hands and all the places that age quickly BECAUSE the vitamin D supplements did NOTHIING! Now, how often have I followed his advice? Not so much. And my levels? Still not good. Also, vitamin D deficiency contributes to a slow metabolism.

Johnnie said...

Hi! I am a new follower from Friday's blog hops. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Blessings...
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