Sunday, October 31, 2010

[JessFinds] All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa, 

2010 has kicked our hindquarters. It started out well. I really loved that job at the private school and we had a great summer spent with people that I dearly love out West. Since mid-September, our world has pretty much been turned on it's ear. Without sounding like affirmation-central, we are really nice people. We still have each other and our humor. We have always done what is expected. We always pay our bills on time and try to eat whole grains and wave at our neighbors. We would like some things to go right.

See Santa, I am 36 years old. I have not written a letter to you since I was 8. So I am hoping I have built up a little credit.

Here is my official Christmas List for 2010:

- A great job for Preacher. One that celebrates his gifts, offers reasonable pay for his skill-set and allows him to do what he loves. This job would be ideal if it does not include keeping the boiler working via body heat. Occasional "thank yous" and general human kindness would be icing. Bonus if the job is on the West Coast, focuses on working with youth, young adults and families, in an area with good resources & schools for our daughters (specifically Asperger's resources) and has decent housing options for our family. But I am not picky.

- Endless resource for our Miss Crab. I want to know that wherever we end up there are going to be schools and resources that celebrate her quirks while helping us find ways to make learning and socializing easier for her.

- A great preschool for Gonzo. She is such a little social butterfly and is dying to make friends of her own. She really does poach her sister's buddies! I want her to be in a great school in 2011.  She has planned out a "perfect cupcake birthday party" for the end of February and it would be wonderful if she had classmates to invite.

- My health. I want all these wacky health things (thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, etc...) to just even out already. A lot of people depend on me and I can't be as sick as I am right now. Not an option. So a healthy Christmas would be very nice.

- A break. I would love a little break from all the nutbaggery. My nerves need it. My family needs it. We need a styrofoam pre-packaged vacation where the only decision is "what to eat."



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Joie said...

I wish all those things and more for you and your family!