Monday, September 13, 2010

[JessFinds] Me? Homeschool? NEVER.

The summer hiatus is over and I am back!

My contract was not renewed for fall, so I am (once again) unemployed. Sigh. This means that Miss Gonzo will not be attending a "real" preschool because, well, we can't afford it. This also means that she will be attending the School of Mom.

First day of preschool: September 13th, 2010. 

We started off with the theme of cows. We checked out 5 books about cows from the local library. Today we began with this one:

We watched an old episode of Sesame Street on YouTube that showed where milk comes from. We also looked up information about cows who sleep on waterbeds. I will let you Google that one.

Today we achieved the following:
1. Baked biscuits
2. Cleaned the living room
3. Read "When the Cows Come Home"
4. Did two safety scissor projects, practiced cutting straight lines
5. Talked about Red (worksheet)
6. Worked on writing readiness (4 worksheets)

And now, we are relaxing with a snack and watching Ponyo on a rainy day. :-)

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Joie said...

Keep writing about this as I would love to have ideas for what to do with Patrick on holidays and weekends. They are only 6 months apart so there's got to be some overlap.