Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[JessFinds] Marc Jacobs is a Genius

CocoPerez just informed me that Marc Jacobs has (finally) opened an online retail site. When I went to play (because I can't resist when designers bring it to the masses) I found this:


I can't really justify spending $60+ on a tee shirt for my rapidly growing six year old, but this is Miss Crab's shirt!

I so rarely come across girl pirates. It makes me so happy. Thank you Marc Jacobs, I am just happy to know that it exists. Call me when you get the shirt under $30. Thanks.


Joie said...

Marc Jacobs should give you this shirt and a giveaway for your blog.

JESS said...

So agreed! Tell all of your friends about JessFinds and see if the numbers creep up. Once I hit a few metrics, I can wield some good weight for giveaways!

Joie said...

There's a short sleeved version on ebay. Could put a turtleneck under it.