Thursday, June 10, 2010

[JessFinds] Mother of the Year

This June is ramping up to be a battery test of my medications.

I love party planning, but I figured we would do Miss Crab's party with family on vacation this summer. Then, maybe if we were up to it, throw together a backyard bash in August.

Turns out her daddy and grandmother had some behind-the-scenes information that I did not have. Miss Crab is dying for a real party because her sister had a real party (and so it starts...). Her sister's party was featured in a famous national design blog. I don't know if I can top that! Especially with very little time to throw it together. Plus, she is still going to get spoiled out on vacay by friends and family. So, I can't feel all that bad about throwing this together so last minute, right?

Miss Crab wants to invite all her new friends from school. Okay. This means outdoors. At the end of June. Which can be really unpredictable! Last year it rained solidly up until the party, was sunny the day of the party and then returned back to rain until August. We counted our blessings. She is a charmed child. Still, it makes me nervous putting an outdoor party together and relying so heavily on the elements to work in my favor.

This year's theme is "Traveling Carnival." That is right ... I am going to fill my backyard with cracked out carnies for the full effect, add some rusty half-built rides and voila! Maybe a "Midway" theme. I have seen grown men reduced to tears by clowns with chainsaws, so if we find someone to make balloon animals it must be a nonthreatening happy clown w/o the creepy face. Or chainsaw.

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