Sunday, June 20, 2010

[JessFinds] A bit steamy in here

OH MAN. This is the humidity talking. Not me. I am still Pollyanna. Glass half full.

Ok, so I am not built for humidity. I come from mountain people. This is soooo gross. It makes me short-tempered.  My parenting becomes sharp barking. I am incredibly thankful for the lovely spring that New England provided this year but I am reminded, again, why summer hits me like a lead pipe.

That and I think I need to invest in that clinical strength antiperspirant. I don't smell. I don't think I smell (probably should verify this claim) but I perspire, nay, SWEAT like a big man. The combo of me sweating profusely and covered in humidity is like, well, this poor cat:

Plus, who wants to work in humidity? I have SO much to get done in the next week and I am horrified at the state of things. I am so far behind. I have barely made it through a few piles of laundry today. We have our AC running and I am soaking wet. The house keeps getting worse. I submit the following proof that my children are out to give me crazy-eyes:

In a matter of 10 minutes, one child spilled a glass of milk on the floor. The other then dumped juice all over the milk and THEN a diet coke went all over my leather couch. I could not get towels fast enough. There is now a ban on all liquids in the family room.

So, back to being Pollyanna.
  • The good news is that super humid weather almost always brings fantastic thunderstorms. And that almost always clears the air out. 
  • My skin looks fantastic. Dare I say, dewy?
  • I am going through so many outfit changes, it is forcing me to tackle the laundry. So that is good.
That is all I have. My fingers are sweating from typing.

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