Saturday, March 6, 2010

[JessFinds] Back to a classic

I have been looking for a simple, cross body saddle-bag type of purse. A workhorse. I wanted it to be leather and durable but something that would still translate in Spring. It needs to be large enough to carry a book,and light-colored inside because I can't find anything in a purse with a dark liner.

It hit me: Vintage Dooney! All of those all-weather bags from the 80's have got to be on the vintage circuit by now, right? Oh yeah. They are. And in abundance. I feel like I have stumbled across a goldmine.  If you are around my age (mid-30's) your mom probably has one of these in her closet. 

Here is my find: Dooney & Burke All-Weather-Leather British Khaki


 BACK (with the classic duck logo)
But here is the kicker, I found this one on eBay for ... drumroll ... $14. It is perfect. Totally clean, barely used. It has a few tiny ink marks on the inner flap.

Etsy has a great selection in their vintage section as well.

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Joie said...

We are so freaking old. I remember when these were popular. Remember Liz Claiborne purses? Gaad!