Friday, December 18, 2009

[JessFinds] Hauling Dung for Pennies and Laughs

Job interview!
Yes. I am not dead yet.

Yesterday I had yet another job interview in what has come to be known as the Great Job Search Debacle of 2009.

How fun would it be if I found a perfect little job for the new year?

This is what I need:

I need an out-of-the-home job that allows me to do what I am brilliant (cough) at doing.  I need a half-time schedule so that I don't have to put Gonzo in daycare (if I were to work full time, 1/2 of my salary would go to childcare so why bother).  Between three adults, we can figure out a way to keep her occupied until she starts preschool in the fall. Right?

Out-of-home is important because it is the only way to be taken seriously by the whole family. I loved working from a home-based office but my schedule was regularly trashed because I was the one "at home." I was seen as antisocial when I had to work until the wee hours of the night to make up for the trashed schedule. It was just a mess. I want a schedule that no-one but me (and my employer) can mess with.

I really want to work in a low-drama environment with a healthy sense of humor and a general staff work ethic. If I am laughing and working hard, I can do that endlessly. I could be a dung collector. Okay. Maybe not a dung collector.

I love being productive, as illustrated by my inability to actually take this year "off" from paid work to be a SAHM.  I start side projects and little business ventures because I can't stop. I also worry that a January to January work gap will impact my very carefully built resume. I like my resume. I have done some really cool stuff.

Speaking of side projects - had a wonderful holiday season. I think I made 45 tutus in eight weeks! My house is covered in tiny tulle clippings. My freelance contractor site,, is picking up buisness too. I am so pleased that these ideas of mine came to fruition in 2009.

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