Saturday, December 12, 2009

[JessFinds] My Fall / Winter Crave List

Each fall my husband asks for a list of things that I might like to find under a tree in December. Each fall I publish this list, knowing fully that he never reads this blog. Dysfunctional? Maybe. Funny? Yes.

It is an ever growing list of the things I covet. There is a perm- link to this post in the right hand column.

We have this giant, no, massive  fireplace that needs to be fitted with a full blown fireplace insert. In order to do this, we also need to do some masonry work and rework the chimney cap. All in all, a big spendy project. In the meantime, I want this little electric stove heater to function as my fireplace. When we get around to the actual project, it can go on the sunporch for winter use.  It is cute, cheap and functional.

Halibut Fillets -- nom, nom, nom! One of the things about living on the East Coast is the lack of Pacific seafood!  Omaha Steaks (I know, right?) has a pretty good deal of 12 6oz fillets for $99. I just want to stock up on halibut. Oh, and wild Pacific salmon of any variety.

I have loved this boot all of my life. Seriously. When I think about my favorite way to dress, I think broken in jeans, v-neck tee, gray tweed hacking blazer, chunky infinity scarf and Frye Boots. I have wanted a variation of this particular boot for the last four winters. In 1993, this boot would have been black and harnessed. In my 30's I crave a brown, weathered Engineer style. These things last forever. Frye Boot, 8 inch rise, stacked leather heel with Goodyear welt construction. Memory insoles. Color: Goucho. Size: 10. Say hello to your new mommy.

Ugg. I wish I could say these are finally out of the collective fashion circuit. I think of classic Uggs as "cute on babies." That is about as far as I go. The Cove however, is waaay cozy. Without the added bonus of looking as though you have tree stumps for feet. Every time it drops to 20 degrees here in the winter I wish these were in my closet, in black.

The PBS complete Jane Austen Set. Drool. This is for when a bad winter cold sets in and I am desperately in need of a Mr. Darcy fix. It includes:
  • Emma (2008), Kate Beckinsdae, Bernard Hepton
  • Mansfield Park (2008), Billie Piper, Blake Ritson
  • Northanger Abbey (2008), Felicity Jones, JJ Feild
  • Persuasion (2007), Sally Hawkins, Rupert Penny-Jones
  • Pride and Prejudice - The Special Edition (1996), Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle
  • Sense and Sensibility (2008), Olivia Williams, Hattie Moraham
I have a weakness for Benefit Cosmetics. I float through life with an extraordinarily pale complexion. I have the porcelain skin that Marie Antoinette would have poisoned herself with lead powder for! I could have been so popular in the 18th century. Benefit Cosmetics seem to work with my royal paleness AND they have wicked cute names for their stuff. I am a sucker for packaging.

Lemon Aid - eyeshadow primer that can be worn on its own
Dandelion - blush
High Beam - complexion enhancer
Powderflage - face powder

(I found this photo online - it is titled "save on botox.")
Botox. I get it now. All those years of being judgy and uppity. Suddenly, this year, I have wrinkles. Deep wrinkles. Especially on my forehead. My choices are Botox or bangs because I refuse to age gracefully. I am leaning towards bangs as inserting botulism in to my muscular structure still seems a bit, well, oogy. However, should a botox certificate land in my hands? I can get over it. Update: I went for it and got the bangs. Problem solved.

There is no better place to go than Etsy for custom bits and pieces. This cowl infinity scarf is a combo of brown and aqua and endlessly wearable. I think I may snag it for myself before someone else does. Shoot! Just informed that someone snagged this. Oh well! I also like this one and this one.

Etsy strikes again - I pretty much love everything from this designer. The Baby Snake Necklace #1 is dainty but still a little punk-rock. Look kids! I am anti-establishment! Snakes are cool! Gotta go to a PTA meeting in my minivan now... L8R SK8RS.

Ooh - same designer, different necklace. Delicate branches, I love this!


Joie said...

i think that fireplace idea is a good one. Does it have a blower on it? What about getting a propane line installed and getting a ventless "wood stove" (no wood, just propane) and put all that in the fireplace? Maybe natural gas which you already have would work, too.

Stephanie said...

That halibut looks soooo yummy!!!!

Joie said...

Did you get the scarf? I saw that it was sold out.

JESS said...

Joie - we do have a propane hookup for the fireplace. Currently capped, but could be used easily.

Stephanie - thanks for visiting! Please come back!

Joie - Did not get the scarf. But any of her creations are yummy. I just love the shape.

Joie said...

If you have a propane hookup there, then get one of those little fireplaces like we have. It is a workhorse. Make sure it has a blower AND that it is ventless (no need for a chimney). It would be a good addition. We don't have ours on constantly unless it is really cold. We turn it off at night and then use it to get the chill out of the air in the morning. It self-regulates and is wonderful!!!! Ours is made by Charmglow.