Friday, November 20, 2009

(MarieFinds) Ambitious Birthday Plans

Baby Boy's birthday is this weekend. And what fabulously kid-friendly menu do we have planned? Casssoulet and brussel sprouts. Hahahaha. Seriously. I think the kids will love it. Well, at least Baby Boy will. Squirrel will probably hate it. She doesn't like beans. But, she will groove on the bread and cheese. And I'll let her have juice. In a small wine glass. It will make her feel like big people.

This is the recipe at And Jess, there is no vegetarian substitute for duck fat.
There will be family, and cassoulet, and wine. And cake. I am making two. It is also my dad's birthday, so there will be a sugar free applesauce cake for him, and chocolate cake for the boy. I will post an update as we go along... my sister is making the confit, and coming over tomorrow to help cook. Then we eat on Sunday. Mmmm... anything that takes three days to cook damned well better be good!


JESS said...

I am so excited you are making this. I can't wait to see pics and see how it all turns out! I love the idea of something that takes 3 days to make and involves primitive duck in duck fat. It just sounds so ... French.

Joie said...

Speaking of duck, I am boning one and making pate de carnard en croute for T-Day. No turkey. Also, I can't wait until an appropriate time after this coming week's gastronomic experiments to make cassoulet.