Friday, August 14, 2009

(MarieFinds) Wealth and Hellness

Heh. When I was in college everyone called the "Health and Wellness" or "Health lifestyle" floors Wealth and Hellness. I hadn't thought of that in a really long time.

That being said, it has been a slightly traumatic couple of weeks around here. My dad went into the hospital last week, and stayed for about a week. He has late stage COPD, and a mile case of pneumonia sent his already too high CO2 levels into overdrive, making him all sorts of crazy and non-responsive with the added bonus of random muscle spasms. After about 72 hours they ruled out stroke and heart attack, and then spent the next several days ruling out progressively stranger things and trying to get his oxygen levels stabilized. He's home now, and presuming he follows his doctor's instructions about staying on his oxygen and exercising, he'll be fine. I fear that this is the start of a long road, however.

It was a little hard on the Squirrel seeing her Papa in the hospital with the big freaky mask. She wasn't a fan of the medicine mask. Baby Boy on the other was too young to care. he spent quite a bit of time at the hospital with me, making friends with the nurses.

And then The Lawyer got sick. And then Papa went home. And then I got sick. And now Squirrel has a damned ear infection. No, the tubes didn't make those stop. They are less frequent, and easier to treat, however.

So, bah. Wealth and Hellness.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your dad. I hope he is able to recover from the pneumonia quickly. My aunt has COPD but she follows doctor's orders and is doing very well -- able to help care for her grandsons and everything.

FYI: Patrick had many ear infections with tubes until after this past March (around 2.5 years old) and corresponds to when we got lazy and stopped using ear plugs. He hasn't had a single ear infection since then!


Marie said...

Thanks, Joie. What were you using ear plugs for? This is only Lou's second infection since she got the tubes in late November, so that is a huge improvement over the every-other-month schedule we were on...