Friday, June 12, 2009

(MarieFinds) What happens in Vegas ...

This week has been like a long nightmare ... but I want to get the deets of my trip out there before it is just way too late to be relevant.

The Lawyer had his annual conference in Las Vegas last week, so we decided to plan a family trip around it. He has family there, so it is always a good excuse to go see them, and let Super Squirrel play with her cousins. That was definitely the best part. Lawyer's sister and her husband and son came out as well, so there was family every where, and we got to spend time just hanging out.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo. In large part because our research had told us it had a very kid-friendly pool set up. Turned out to be true. Of course, this all depends on your definition of kid friendly. Yes, there is smoking and drinking pool side, a few folks getting VERY friendly with each other in the water. Lots of Kanye and Lady Gaga booming in the background. But, um, this is a hotel on the Vegas strip. What were you expecting? The hotel and pool overall was great. The smoke free room actually didn't smell like smoke, the food in the restaurants was very edible, the help friendly, and the poolside service was great.

Both kids were faboosh on the flights. Did really well overall with the complete destruction of their regular schedules.

I took Squirrel to see the lion at MGM (loved it!) an the fountains at the Bellagio (she's still talking about it) and one day a bunch of us took the kids to the Excalibur. Never again. Least kid-friendly venue on the strip I think. Smoky, dank, dirty, no place to sit down that isn't attached to a gaming machine, no changing tables. Gross.

I did no gambling. I think the Lawyer dropped $15 into the slots at the Venetian.

Baby Boy wasn't up to being left without me (i.e., didn't want to be that far away from the boob - he doesn't do straight formula yet and I didn't bring a breastpump), so we didn't really get any big people time to ourselves, but it was a nice trip.

I'd go back to Vegas with kids, and I would stay at the MC with them again. I think it would be a little better with the kids a little bit older. Lawyer was working a lot, and I couldn't take both kids to the pool myself because of their ages, need a 1:1 ratio of adults and kids in the water at this stage, but we were still able to get in the water a great deal. Aunt and Uncle have a pool, and there were lots of Aunties and Uncles around last week willing to play with Squirrel in the water while I sat or played with Baby Boy.

I might get a different travel stroller before we do that again. We have a broken down old cheap umbrella stroller that we used all over Cozumel last year, and the bearings are totally shot on it. Definitely need a stroller in Vegas because of the distances. Had Squirrel in that and Boy in the Wallaby a lot.

Again, it might not be everyone's kid-friendly idea, but I'm OK with my kids seeing some of that stuff, and I let them play in the dirt at home, so why not in Vegas?

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