Sunday, June 7, 2009

[JessFinds] House Elf strikes again

I am in a quandary. I have a voucher from Southworst Airlines and if I am going to use it, I need to book travel asap. Problem is ... I can't find it. Where is my voucher?? I had it on the desk. I know I did. Freakin' house elf.

So I think, if I can find the above mentioned #$%*ing voucher, I will be flying out solo to my lovely Left Coast. I need a mom break. But more than that, I need some time with my people. My lovely, beautiful, brilliant, sexy people. And their offspring. I am hardwired to be in mad love with all of their babies. It is in my DNA.

It really is electric for me. I lit up like a Christmas tree when Buck showed up on my doorstep a few weeks back. I need to get lit up more often. Not to be read as getting lit more often.

On a totally different note: How did I get addicted to Army Wives on Lifetime?

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JESS said...

Found it!! Booked a flight. Cross country flights are SO crazy expensive right now -- over $450 to fly. OWCH.