Monday, March 9, 2009

(MarieFinds) Milk supply woes

So, last week my milk supply cratered. At the same time that Baby Boy was trying to up his intake. I have regularly been pumping about 14-15 oz. a day, and he has been eating 12. (plus morning and night nursing.) last week, I suddenly could only pump 8-10 oz, and he was increasing his eating to 16+. Not the equation we are looking for.

With Super Squirrel, I got to the point that I was regularly pumping 20-24 oz a day plus morning and night time nursing. I was able to keep her on breast milk only until she was almost 6 months. And then one day I nearly had a meltdown that I was "only pumping 20 ounces! I need 4 more so she won't be hungry tomorrow, but I have a meeting..." and finding myself pumping at midnight after all else was done in the day... that was the day I decided a few ounces of formula a day to make up the difference wasn't going to harm her. I hope to make it that long or longer this time, but I won't let guilt run that decision.

So, in response, I have been mainlining fenugreek, drinking a gallon of water a day, and spent the whole weekend with the Boy on the boob. Plus pumping more. I love fenugreek. And my pediatrician cleared it when I had a little trouble with it production the first time around.

This morning, I got 9 oz. in my first session. That's more like it. I usually get a ton in the first pump of the day, and less in my later sessions. But I tell you, I work for a living, man. I can't spend more than two hours a day pumping at work. Not and at least APPEAR that I am getting work done. And um, I need this job. Until JessFinds starts paying my bills, I am an interactive marketing professional, and need to at least appear to show up for work.


Joie said...

From one who did let the guilt run the breastfeeding show --- any ounces are good ounces!

Marie said...

When I found myself pumping "one last time" at midnight... repeatedly, I realized it wasn't working quite right. I'm OK with that on days where we missed a feeding, or gave an extra bottle because we went out to dinner, but as a regular course of events, just to get a couple more ounces it started to seem counter productive. That was when I started to supplement a little bit. Taking that stressor off really helped out.