Saturday, February 14, 2009

[JessFinds] Happy Valentine's Day & Fluffy Undies

As Gonzo quickly approaches 2, I am grasping at straws to keep her in the babyhood. One of my recent finds is the Moulin Rouge styled can-can ruffled diaper cover. I want her to run around in one of these things all summer. At least until she is potty trained. And then they can be tutu bloomers!

Chasing Fireflies / $28

Chasing-Fireflies is my favorite upscale online children's boutique that I can't afford to patronize! The catalog arrives and it is drool worthy. Amazing, tightly edited selection of clothing and gifts for kids. On occasion, there are amazing sales. Or an item under $30. To which I say: "Yipee!"

Bettsy Kingston - Etsy / $20

This is just humorous. Any parent who puts their kid in a fabulous little can-can number like this must have a punk-rock soul. I would spike Gonzo's hair up and put her in a Question Authority shirt.

Traditional fluff - so cute and poofy.

Posie's Boutique -Etsy / $18

And I am loving on this Laura Ingalls Wilder version. Knowing my background (prarie dresses through 6th grade) I should probably run form this screaming. But it is sweet. And looks like it might be more comfortable than layers of tulle.

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