Wednesday, January 7, 2009

(MarieFinds) Posting spree...

I haven't been posting. I have been lame. I haven't been online much while on maternity leave. A site I used to spend a lot of time at had rules against posting sprees. I really hope to go on one soon. I have lots of random things to talk about. Christmas. I had to buy a new tweezer. New Years. A random day trip to Olympia. Super Squirrel development. Mr. Man's growth. The weather. Showering with toddlers. Daycare debacles. Money. Sesame Street. Netflix. Responding to Jess re: complicated coffee orders.

You think I am behind here? You should see my facebook page... however, I don't link between the two for a reason. This is personal, my facebook page is largely professional.

Favorite headline today: "Devastating Deluge Looms: Drenching rain could trigger flooding and landslides for Oregon and Washington".

Anyway, these are the topics I need to cover, and don't have time today. Maybe tomorrow. I have to go get the Lawyer and visit a daycare.

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