Friday, January 9, 2009

(MarieFinds) Holiday Recap ... A week late

The deep freeze that socked in the Greater Pacific Northwest over the holidays is gone, replaced by torrential rains, flooding and landslides. Good times.

Hmmm... Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's house. We came home with our Outback completely jammed with gifts. How hysterical. Everyone went way overboard. My brother didn't make it this year ... he fell and broke his leg in a couple of places on the ice. Ooops.

And the Lawyer lost his glasses on Christmas Eve. Oops again.

Christmas day was extremely chill. Just us and the kiddos. I stole Jess' plan for fondue dinner, and we played in the snow a little bit.

Disturbingly, I think the biggest hit may have been the Elmo slippers my mom got the Squirrel. They are big and red, and she wouldn't take them off for a week.

New Years was nice. Braised lamb shanks and a couple of bottles of wine. We celebrated on East Coast time and I was asleep by 9:30. Mmmm... bringing in the new year like rock stars.

The Squirrel LOVED the noise makers. Is still getting a big laugh out of them.

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