Friday, January 2, 2009

[JessFinds] Nappy Yew Hears

Preacher is in the hospital. He is ok - he has been there for a few days though. Happy New Year! He was having chest pressure, he had a checkup on NYE that led to an EKG with some sort of blip on it. Then he had more chest pressure and went in to the urgent care center. So far, his heart tests are coming back clean. They kept him overnight last night to run tests on his liver (he has had liver problems for at least 6 or 7 years without any major breakthrough in why he has problems). He is waiting another ultrasound right now. Hopefully he will be home this afternoon.

Our NYE plans got scrapped do to a snowstorm. We rescheduled for the next day, but that got scrapped due to hospitalization. Eventually we will get a chance to hang out with our friends!

We had a very nice New Year's Day brunch/lunch. Crab and I went to a fun gathering while Preacher got poked and prodded. Gonzo stayed with MIL. I am a cold-hearted harbinger of haggis for going out while the hubby is under medical observation. It was a nice distraction.

The good news is, we will get a baseline for 2009. I am optimistic. We needed a wake-up call of sorts and I imagine he will not be interested in doing any more overnight stays at local hospitals.

Update: Preacher is now home!


Joie said...

Is he still there? We have been trying to call you guys and no answer so I was worried but also knew you had more important things to think about. Hugs and prayers your way.

This is just too damned familiar!

Anne Marie said...

Ohh nooooo! You all have had a rough run of medical luck, haven't you? all good thoughts and prayers for him and for you! BTW, your girls are deliciously adorable--almost makes me wish having children that small...