Tuesday, December 9, 2008

[JessFinds] Upgrade

I just met my Jess version 2.o at work and she is awesome. I look forward to handing the reins over to her. Serious upgrade. I doubt most people greet their replacement with such excitement, but I really am thrilled to hand over the communications processes to someone who is completely ready and fit for it.

I may be welcoming the New Year unemployed, but at least I am dead sexy. Um. Ok, I may be welcoming the New Year unemployed, but at least ______ (insert something witty here).

I have managed to keep myself resume-relevant for the last three years while raising babes, but I have NO idea what my next BIG THING is going to be. I want some excitement though. I feel good, mostly (mostly). Balanced. In charge. Even so, life is a little ruttish these days. I want to feel passionate about something. I need something new. Something exciting. Something not ruttish. I need antiruttish. I think ruttish is a word now, I have used it enough in this paragraph. Waah waah, poor me. Rutty. Rut. Rut.

If 2008 was the year of getting my health back under control, what is 2009? I really could stand for a side order of me-centric activities. Something that has nothing to do with Preacher or the rug-rats. Love em' but Mommy needs some TLC. I am making friends, so that is always good. I get a little cabin-feverish in the winter.

I need to take up a thrilling hobby or invent something. Some bastard already invented a pole that you can slide your grocery bag handles over so you can get them all in to the house at once. Perhaps I could invent the attachment that turns it in to a kitchen stripper pole so you can put away your groceries and get exercise at the same time. See, always thinkin.' So wrong.

Any suggestions on my Next Big Thing or NBT? Sometimes my friends know me better than I know myself.

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