Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[JessFinds] Christmas Eve Eve

I made a run to Trader Joe's today because Christmas without spicy black bean dip is wrong. I grabbed some Avacado's Number too. The important things in life. We are doing a Christmas Eve lasagna and a Christmas dinner of cheese fondue. Thanksgiving has always been my big cooking holiday. Christmas is all about easy comfort foods. No formal sit-down. You can eat in your pajamas while watching It's A Wonderful Life on TV.

I do miss making Yorkshire Pudding though. Nummers. Good stuff.

I am pretty sure that some gifts will not make it under the tree this year - things seem to be in slow motion with UPS and USPS due to the snow storms across the country!

I feel bad for the retailers this year, especially the small business owners. It is a crappy economy as is and then a major snowstorm slams most of the country. We are seeing businesses closing left and right in our little town and I can only imagine how hard it must be for those that are hanging in. I encourage people to support their local businesses and shop locally. The big boxes tend to survive tough times.

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Joie said...

That's what we did and I hope the local gifts from our little toy store make it there in time. They were "guaranteed" for today by UPS.

What places have closed down? Anything I would have visited?