Saturday, November 29, 2008

(MarieFinds) Details and Pictures ... Finally

I haven't worked out what we will be calling him here on the blog, but our little man was born on Saturday, 8 pounds, 21-1/2". As of his first check up this morning, he is above his birth weight ... coming in at 8 pds, 5 oz. Um, good eater.

Hmm... birth story detail. It was a weird night. Compared to Squirrel, the labor was both longer and shorter. We headed to the hospital around 2pm. We were there much earlier than with the Squirrel. Of course, I was at 3 cm a week before she was born, so that's kind of a tough call. Anyway, we all sat around in my room for a couple of hours watching the local basketball team lose. And by all, I mean my parents, my sister and her husband, the Lawyer and the Squirrel. Super Squirrel finally started to lose it around 9:30 and so my folks took her home. Uncle Noni left at the same time, and so it was just the Lawyer, my sister and I. Things kicked into gear shortly thereafter, and the little man was born at 11:16 pm.

Overall things went "as planned". No meds, no intervention. Seemed to hurt more this time... seriously. How is it possible that the second pregnancy AND delivery is harder? Super Squirrel has been super in every way this week. She loves to kiss her little brother, and has been very sweet, with just a few major meltdowns. when I think what that kid has been through in the last week ... man. OK, what we've ALL been through this week.
And on that note, I am off to bed.

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