Saturday, November 29, 2008

[JessFinds] My baby's perfect face

First. Is Marie's baby boy the most adorable, sweet little pumpkin ever? What a great photo. Look at that chin. Sweet.

BoldThanksgiving: It was great. My apologies to everyone for the lack of phone calls. We were not being hermits, but our home was being "staged" up to the last minute (ie: cleaned) and the hour of eating got pushed up to 3pm because my MIL's plane arrived in town at 4:30pm. I was ready to pass out at 7pm. So tired! The food all turned out great. Guests were great. All was good.

Black Friday: Yesterday started out perfect and ended up ok but the in-between was very, very bad. Miss Crab has a good friend - we will call her Surley Sue - who was spending Friday with us. SS also was here for Thanksgiving. Preacher and I decided to take all three girls to the Children's Museum for an outing. It was cold, rainy and a perfect day to avoid the mall crowds. All was well. I ran in to my friend Bonnie while there. The kids were having so much fun.

Then it all went wrong. Miss Crab was playing in a "construction" area with soft blocks when I heard her scream - Preacher was already on his way to her. We are so used to her screams (the scream for "Paige is mean to me" sounds equally as bad as "I slammed my finger in the car door."). It is terrible, but we never know how serious it really is with her. Preacher looked at me panicked and said "I think we need to get her to a hospital - now." She had a 2 inch dent in her head at the hairline and, no joke, it was swollen instantly to the size of a baseball. Scared us to death.

There was this large square metal/wood block bolted to the floor in the middle of the play area. I have never thought anything of it before but I am not sure what the purpose of it is. She tripped over a foam block (or slipped, we are not sure) like many other kids in that area who were fumbling about but she slammed her head in to the metal block. WTF? Why is there a giant metal and wood block bolted to the floor in a soft block play area??

Preacher was in adrenaline mode and started sprinting with Miss Crab in his arms. I think he would have run to the hospital if I had not intervened. I saw someone come out of the offices and I said "Do you have medical here?" and she said yes and started to follow us, she kept trying to get Preacher to calm down and said they would go get ice. She kept talking and not acting and never identified herself. I told Preacher we either needed an ambulence or a hospital immediately and he ran out to the car with Miss Crab. Poor SS and Gonzo were wide-eyed. I left my number with the staff and we took Miss Crab to the Children's Hospital.

She was kept there for four hours. It was so bad. She was iced. Her reactions were good and she did not seem confused so they just wanted to observe her. I tried to entertain SS and Gonzo for four hours at a hospital. Not easy. Especially since Gonzo had no naps yesterday! She was ripe for a meltdown. But the girls were all so good.

I went out to the car to see if I could get Gonzo to sleep. SS was quietly playing with her toys in the backseat. I got a call from the Children's Museum to see "how things were going" and "oh by the way, is it ok if we record this conversation?"

NO. It is not ok. I was in a parking garage with two exhausted children and a cell phone on it's last few minutes of charge while my little girl was being kept in the hospital for observation. It is not ok. I told them to try another time. My cell phone cut out on them.

Miss Crab is home. Her swelling has spread down the side of her face. We are keeping an eye on her. I get so scared with head injuries.

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