Monday, November 17, 2008

[JessFinds] There is no such thing as a dream kitchen

This is going to be a busy week. I am going to train staff on the new website and then...

I am going to attack the kitchen. Seriously. I am going to sit down and pull out all of the disorganized chaos, sort what is needed (and what is not) and then edit what goes back in to all drawers and cabinets.

I hate my kitchen. Nothing is ever put back in the same place twice.

It has been the bain of my existence since we bought this house. Always sort-of finished. Mostly done. Not really functional. I think the proper term is half-assed. I have kitchen envy. People who know where their things go - everything with a place. That is so sexy. My inner Martha wants to whip out the label maker and have a field day.

My MIL hoards food like we have an underground bunker and the end of days is around the corner. We joke about it - she knows that she does it. She blames it on her Mormon background. Our pantry is stuffed. And we have those chintzy wire shelves that sag under the pressure of canned food excess. I am dying to go to Ikea and purchase some basic wood shelving, slightly shallow so you can't go more than 4 cans deep. But big enough for a cereal box (not 8 cereal boxes).

We did everything on the cheap. Ok, that is harsh. It has not been cheap. It has been like a never ending episode of Design on a Dime. We are almost one and a half years in to our place. I just never feel like I live somewhere until I have a functioning kitchen.

At least that GOD AWFUL light fixture is gone! I swear, I should put a picture up. It has to be the ugliest chandelier in the history of ugly fixtures. I should put it on eBay. It was so bad. There was not enough Klonopin in the world to justify that thing in my eating area.

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