Sunday, October 19, 2008

(MarieFinds) The Great Halloween Purge, Charlie Brown

Oh, the busy life I lead... So, the Lawyer wanted to have a Halloween party for the Squirrel and some other toddlers. It was fun... we had Ray Ray over and her little snuggly one. Dressed like a goat!! The twins were here and a total of 8 kids under 5. Squirrel is is the monkey in the middle above.

Getting ready for the party was a disaster, however... we were up until 2am on Friday night cleaning and prepping. And we had family photos with my family yesterday, to boot. Ugh.

But, the party was fun, and today I finished the great purge. Five yard trash bags are ready to donate. Plus five suits from The Lawyer's collection. Now i just need to get them to the car.

Last weekend we went and got our pumpkins... here was the squirrel running around eating an apple.

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