Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(MarieFinds) $64 a Week

Is there a price on child care? Squirrel has always liked her daycare. They love her there. She is happy there. She is a kid who has thrived in the stimulating / multi-child environment of daycare. The only complaint I have ever had is that they go through bouts of staff turnover. Have I mentioned they love my kid?

We have been looking for ways to cut costs. There is a relatively new daycare that has opened 5 blocks from my office. (vs. the 2 miles into downtown where Squirrel is now.) I have been by once... a co-worker has his kids there and he gave me a ride home one night... I went in with him to pick up his boys. They seem super friendly. I'm going on a tour next week.

It will save $64/week. This assumes they don't offer a second child discount. I haven't asked that question yet. If they do, the cost savings is greater.

Apparently, I can also pick up take home dinners there. That's a funny bonus.

I will be somewhat sad to move Squirrel, but if we are going to do it, this is the time, right? She will be home with me for 3 months, and then be going back to "school". If we are going to make the transition, I keep telling myself it makes sense to do it now, and not wait.

They have been so nice to her at her current location. And I won't be moving her if I don't really like this place. It just feels weird to make a decision like this based on money. It should be all about what's best for the kids right?

But its also hard to argue with $256/month. That's the car payment. Or almost groceries for the month. (when I'm good.)

Hmmm... closer, they are cool with cloth diapers, cheaper... The Lawyer will have a hard time meeting me at the daycare like he does now, which we will have to consider. And I think I will have to pick the kids up earlier.

I'll update after my tour...

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