Thursday, October 23, 2008

[JessFinds] A Vent? Where?

Be nice.

Seriously. I get that the world is a big cesspool of nastiness and that we all need a tough shell, but how freakin' hard is it to smile and let the small stuff slide off? Really?

I have encountered some strange folks recently - people who make me wish I was not so well versed in pop psychology. I want to say: "Yes, I realize you are talking to me but I am too busy diagnosing you and finding appropriate medication options. Don't expect me to actually process your craziness personally.Would you like a written reference for a therapist?"

So, essentially, when you are not nice - I think you are nuts. A big nutter-bag. You think you are getting your point across and I think there is a pill to fix it. Better living through medication.

People in this area of the country have a gruff exterior and that is ok. But being mean or rude is just not necessary. I don't want to raise my children thinking that it is normal. And yes, I am going to say it: Mean people suck.

So do people who think the sun rises because they wake up. And people who whine. And.... And...

Ahhh. Much better. Vent complete.

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