Saturday, October 25, 2008

[JessFinds] Turkey Day

My surgery got postponed to November 12th. Apparently my doctor is attending a conference and will not be available. This is both a good and bad thing. Bad because the problem persists and good because I GET TO PLAY WITH THE KIDS ON HALLOWEEN instead of convalescing in bed!! We have a neighborhood we hit-up for the Halloween candy haul. Everyone goes out with their red wagons and makes the rounds. It is a lot of fun.

Turkey Day (I know, I am not even past Halloween yet) is approaching. Preacher and I are both vegetarians but we have a handful of carnivores who will be joining us - so I thought it would be wise to find a smoked or roasted breast that could be heat-n-serve for the group. Williams Sonoma? Dean & Deluca? Honeybaked? Any suggestions? If I am going to serve turkey, I would prefer it was once a happy turkey who ran about cage free and ate normal turkey foods. I don't want to support the Butterball Industry.

Look how happy these Willie Birds are. Dontcha just want to grab one, hug it and then eat it? Turkeys really are stupid. Not sure if that is a reason to eat one. But still.

Joie - I will post my brine recipe up soon.


Joie said...

As one plagued in the ample department, when I push mine up, they don't do quite what I would like anymore. My lifting minimizers are my BFF!! Especially the ones that help minimize back fat. Yes, yes, please do post the turkey recipe. I have already ordered my all-natural, free range, local turkey. Aren't you proud? -- Jesse just rolled his eyes and asked how much it cost. Ha, ha, ha like I even asked the lady about the price. Silly boy.

Joie said...

Okay, the first half of that comment is for the next post.