Saturday, October 25, 2008

[JessFinds] Confession

My confession for the day is that I purchased a lot of six (6) new push-up bra's on eBay for $34 (shipping included).

Because I am SO SICK of my giant mom bra's. Seriously. I have had it. I am almost 35 NOT 95. My two little girls provided me with, well, two big girls. I have spent most of my life with nothing much on top. I am now officially "ample" and the selections out there for my "ampleness" are pathetic. Minimizers. MINIMIZERS!! You mean I spent most of my life wishing I had some sort of cleavage and now that I have it I am supposed to strap it down? I am done breast feeding. I am done having babies. I should be able to showcase these sisters. I can't find anything to levitate the girls in stores so I resorted to eBay. And eBay came through for me.

I am going to look like National Geographic in no time as is, I might as well invest in something cheap and tawdry and push those puppies up-up-up because the only place they are going to head is down. Gravity - great for keeping you from flying off the Earth but not so great on the breasts.

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