Monday, October 27, 2008

[JessFinds] Talking Babies

Gonzo hit 20 months yesterday - four more months and I have a 2 year old! She is so talkative, it is awesome. She can pretty much communicate almost everything she needs without frustration. Everywhere we go, people flip when they hear her talk. She still looks very babyish with her chubby cheeks and her wispy hair - I think people just don't expect her to have sentences.

We tried out a bagel place near my MIL's work and while seated, she started chatting away like normal:

"Yea Bagels! I eat Bagels! Cream cheese? Please? More?" and then while holding her napkin she said "Face messy - eeew. I throw away. Away? Where garbage go?" And when I told her where to put it, she jumped off her chair and trotted over to the trash can, throwing away the napkin.

There was group of women sitting next to us and they nearly fell out of their chairs. They could not believe how clear she was and how talkative. I am used to it - I find myself getting frustrated when she acts her age and howls instead of talks. Even better is how much she understands, she knows exactly what is going on ALL the time.

I woke up this morning to "Oh Mommy!? Where ARE you???"

So much better than screaming infant. I attribute her vocabulary to having an older sister who talks to her as an equal. Or maybe she is brilliant (she is MY child after all - hee). That and Preacher and I rarely baby-talked to our kids. We did silly voices and acted like idiots to get a smile as is required of any decent parent, but we always pronounce words clearly for them. I have talkers. It cracks me up. I was a talker too, so I am in for it.

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