Saturday, October 11, 2008

[JessFinds] Coffee and Babies

I am making a public pledge to wean myself off the Dunk-Junk. I have a serious addiction to a "Large Iced Latte, Skim Milk, No Sugar, w/ a little French Vanilla" at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through. It is my go-to. See, you can take the girl out of Seattle but she still tries to get complex at the Dunkin Donuts. I developed a coffee addiction this summer. I was totally off the caffeine for almost 4 years!

We need to do some big budget adjusting, especially with my main source of employment ending this month. I think my Dunkin addiction is redunkulous (aw yeah, I said it). I am going to start brewing coffee at home again. I want one of those Tasso machines that makes gourmet one-cups of whatever you want. But for the price, I would like it to give back massages and make be a full breakfast, clean my kitchen and take Crab to school. No such luck.

I wrote something very funny and punchy here and then thought better of it. I hate my self-edit button.

On a totally different note: I want to open a maternity and early childhood store in our area. The kind of place that has all the cool, tightly edited products and essentials - a one stop shop. A place where classes are offered on everything from cpr to mommy and baby yoga to playgroups. My inspiration is a company that started up across the bay. Two moms, met in a preschool parking lot and started building on an idea. It took off. The business is a success (despite their terrible location). They completely got me through my pregnancy with Gonzo. They have the best information anywhere on the "under 3" set. I can not say enough good things about them. If they wanted to franchise, I would actually consider it! It was the manifestation of an idea I have had for a while, but they did it better - and bigger. I am just one of those moms that hates going in to Babys R Us.

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