Thursday, September 4, 2008

[JessFinds] Life with Toddlers

We had out-of-town guests for six days over the Labor Day holiday. It is always incredibly interesting to watch how families interact. I think Baby Gonzo was very vocal in her disapproval of a 2-year old boy in our midst - she just kept yelling "NO" at him over and over and over. Miss Crab was mildly interested but was pretty occupied with her own friends. Patrick is a sweet boy, but he was hard pressed to find comrades in my girls!

So here is what I noticed / realized after all being under one roof for a while:

1. I don't think I ever baby-talked to my kids! This was not intentional and I never really thought about it. My mom did not baby-talk to me and Preacher's mom did not baby talk to him so I think we just naturally avoided it. I still use silly voices in play and I am really animated. I think I am subconsciously concerned about my kids picking up a New England accent, so I don't really even use colloquialisms much in front of them. Although Preacher does occasionally. Miss Crab has a slight speech impediment that is just a natural happening of childhood and we actually adopt some of her words like "Rogurt" (yogurt). Silly.

2. I am great at redirecting upset kids.

3. Turns out I am also great at managing multiple kids but it is easier to manage a few 4 year olds than it is to manage multiple toddlers. I don't know how daycare facilities do it. I would lose my mind.

4. Mystic Pizza really is good.

5. I have accepted my lot as a parent and that "plan A" is lost to me forever (or at least until my girls are functioning adults). I am cool with it. I have so much genuine fun with my wacky brood that it never occurs to me that plan A went out the window.

6. I am really done. I have had my two children. They are healthy and beautiful. As much as I might long for a third, there is no way I am having number 3. We can look in to toddler adoption when Gonzo is 4 or 5 if we still feel that there is a spot to be filled.

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Joie said...

Do WE babytalk? I don't know if that was your reflection or not. I don't think we do but am curious.

Yep, no way I could ever manage more than one toddler. Heck, I can't do that, even. Daycare teachers are saints -- at least the ones who try.