Friday, September 26, 2008

[JessFinds] Ahoy Matey!

Your red-head looks at you with very serious eyes and says: "Mommy. I really need a pirate ship. Maybe Santa will bring me a pirate ship?" My kid is cool. She wants a pirate ship! Could I ask for a cooler kid? Research...

There is a pirate ship playset at her school and I think she would try to smuggle it home in her backpack if she could fit it in.

This one is from Little Wonders and it is a wooden ship with real rigging. She would need a pirate figurine set along with this ship, which they also sell. A ship without pirates would suck. Their sets contain a mix of swords and guns. I would need to pull out all the ones with guns. I can explain swordsmanship but I have a hard time explaining gun violence to a 4 year old.

Little Wonders has a pretty good selection of pirate ships in general.

And then there is the taking it WAY over the top version by going to Posh Tots and having a real pirate ship built for her in our back yard. Why not right? We already have that monstrous sand pit-swing set -play-yard combo. Oh, that and it is $52,000. No typo. FIFTYTWOGRAND. Fun to look at right? I suggest everyone go and look at the additional photos just to gawk. It is pretty damn cool.
Post Tots exists for an economy and reality that I don't happen to be a member of. But it is fun to look at how the other 1/2 (of 1%) live

The classic: Playmobil. I love playmobil toys, they can take abuse and keep their retail value. They are the Honda of plastic toys. Good stuff. The best part is the accessory packs that you can squeeze oodles of holiday fun for years to come (Easter? Here is your giant attack octapus!)

I found this little number over at Chasing Fireflies - look at the size of that puppy! Here is writeup from their site: "Wooden toy ship is meticulously crafted, with authentic fabric sails tied with string, and elasticized rigging. Comes with removable sides and hinged deck for more play area. A plank too, for unsavory characters they might encounter along the way. Ahoy, mate-it also includes 3 clothed posable figurines, a parrot (what's a pirate without his parrot?), assorted accessories, and 4 cannons to position at portholes. Even has wheels so it can sail the high seas of your playroom with ease." Wheels. Sweet.

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