Saturday, August 16, 2008

[JessFinds] The water tastes a little funny

Something must have been in the water a few days ago. It was a universal joke on me - I could not get a break!

It started off with Miss Crab asking me "What is the name for the other nipples on your face?" Which means: moles. Which means: I need a plastic surgeon. Fast.

At Dunkin Donuts I overheard an employee refer to me as "high maintenance" when another employee said "oh, she always gets her iced lattes shaken." How high maintenance can I be? I am at Dunkin Donuts!

A family member (no joke) greeted me on the phone with "How did you get this number?" I was tempted to answer "Biker bar. Bathroom. Wyoming" But I didn't... 

And the nail in the coffin for the day? Preacher was gone ALL week at a youth camp which meant I was a single parent ALL week. When he came home, the first thing he did was complain about "all the stuff" that needs to be done in the house. Because I am working two jobs AND full-time raising two girls but you know that house tidying is my number-one passion and priority!  [Editors note - he got over it quickly and has been lovely]

At least Baby Gonzo still loves me! Although, she did scream for "Daddddeeeee" when she woke up the last few nights...


Joie said...

That DD employee DID NOT!

Yeah, Preacher (almost wrote his real name) can get over it.

A family member did that? That is quite a week.

Marie said...

But I do have to ask... what does it mean to get an iced latte shaken? huh?

JESS said...

I know!! It is pretty funny.