Friday, August 29, 2008

[JessFinds] Things She Does Not Understand Either

1. Sympathy pains for someone else's ailment.
2. How to balance 2 jobs and 2 kids
3. $75 toddler shoes & $50 toddler sweaters
4. McCain's pick for Veep (I think he really is THAT out of touch)
5. How electricity really works - I just don't get it.
6. Why I am petrified of sp-sp-spiders.


Anne Marie said...

re #6: one of my favorite quotes from a toddler-size Malcolm who, when his Auntie Wendy told him not to kill the spider in the kitchen, said, "Wendy, sometimes spiders are NOT your friends." True dat.

Anonymous said...

No, spiders are wonderful! I have to keep our kids from picking them up, as they do the roly-poly bugs and ants. To either fire-up-- or desensitize-- your spider (and other bug fears) I so highly recommend I obsessively check it for new pics when I should be working.

Poor Sarah Palin. Check out dailykos for good dirt on that baby of hers-- actually a grandson???

Jessica S