Sunday, March 16, 2008

(MarieFinds) Developmental Milestones...

We went out to dinner Friday night, The Lawyer, The Squirrel and I... (payday, yippee! spend it all on the weekend!) So, we are sitting in what may possibly be the most kid-friendly place in town. Little miss squirrel is getting fidgety while we wait to get our order taken, so I pull out the always handy cheerio container, give her a small handful and proceed to make chit chat with the lawyer.

A minute or two later, Miss Squirreley-who is earnestly staring at me and signing "more". I know all of 3 signs, and this just happens to be one of them. I gave her more cheerios, and she clapped with glee.

My kid can communicate. This is something she learned at school, not from us. We had planned on doing sign, and worked on it for all of two days 6 months ago. She has been using the sign consistently all weekend. I think she uses it generally for "hungry" instead of "more", but that is still pretty freaking amazing. I now own a baby signing DVD program. and we will be trying to teach her more.

The other thing she did on Friday? Successfully fed herself with a fork. She stabbed her cheese, and fed it to herself. Successfully and repeatedly. She has been showing interest and trying to use a spoon for a couple of months, but we haven't really been letting her use forks. Turns out she is better with them.

Big weekend at our house.

Speaking of dining out in public places: question to those of you with kids... after eating out, either the Lawyer or I are generally on our knees scouring the floor and picking up most / all of the food and debris the Squirrel has dropped. Are we alone in this? It frequently appears to be the case. I was completely apalled by the amount of food / garbage / silverware the family next to us left on the floor when they left with their baby. Thoughts?

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JESS said...

1. I love how much satisfaction it gives Baby Gonzo to sign with us - she seems so much happier when she doesn't think we are idiots.
2. Gonzo has attempted eating with a spoon, which has resulted in couscous flying in all directions. I think I should try a more solid food.
3. We too are parents that attempt to clean up our space prior to leaving a restaurant. Both of my girls are being raised from infancy in a culture where eating out is par for the course. I try not to leave the giant circle of doom surrounding the high chair UNLESS the waiter makes a point of saying "please don't worry about it - I have a sweeper, we are used to it, etc..."
4. Glad to know we are not the only ones who go payday nuts.