Monday, March 17, 2008

(JessFinds) I like DD coffee

It is embarrassing to admit, but I am starting to actually enjoy Dunkin Donuts coffee. I know, shameful. I come from the land of the free range bean, carefully cultivated, softly spoken to and individually hand-roasted at low temperatures for 7 days straight with 5 minute breaks for massage and pep-talks. I come from the land that invented the American barista with her nose rings and film school degree. 

I hail from the Pacific Northwest with a Starbucks within spitting distance of another Starbucks (hey, that is totally is a Starbucks "cafe"). 

Here, amusingly, the circle I run in refers to Starbucks as St. Arbucks. That is pretty cute. I had not heard that until I moved here. But compared to your run of the mill coffee, I can see that St. Arbucks would be pretty appealing. We Pacific North-westerners like to look down our noses at St. Arbucks as bottom of the barrel. And yet, here I am with my nonfat iced decaf 2-pump vanilla latte from Dunkin Donuts. And I love it. 

I like the taste of coffee. I gave up caffeine about 4 years ago when pregnant with Miss Crab. I also have an anxiety disorder and let me tell you, people with anxiety issues have NO business downing 6 cups of fully leaded in the morning. U-L-G-Y.  I can't believe it took a pregnancy to get me off the juice, I should have stopped marinating in it a decade ago. So, I am firmly in the decaf camp. Not proud, but there. And now I am ordering complicated concoctions from Dunkin Donuts like I am standing in a rainy Seattle coffee Haus asking for a "Bali-Sumatra mix half-caf latte with extra foam at 180." Large.

I also love They Might Be Giants and think it amusing that this many years later they are still bouncing around in my head due to DD commercials and the Disney Channel. My ringtone is "Blue canary in the alley by the light-switch... who watches over you... make a little birdhouse in your soul..." off of Flood


Kelly said...

Hey -- I think Chris' company roasts that coffee. No wonder you like it - it comes from P-town!


JESS said...

You have NO idea how much better that makes me feel!