Thursday, March 13, 2008

(JessFinds) She conquered Disney

We are home!

We wrapped up our trip to Orlando by seeing SeaWorld on Monday. We spent time at both Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. 

SeaWorld was a giant bore for me. I was not impressed. I heard that it was wonderful but it was poorly organized, the staff were zombies and the shows were not that great. Miss Crab had a nice time going on some of the rides and the Preacher liked his solo run on Kraken (the tallest roller coaster and second longest roller coaster).  The Shamu show was a real bummer for me. I don't think I expected such a choreographed cheese-fest. It seemed to be more about the trainers and a lame back-story (think Free Willy) then about the whales. And the killer whales were cool. And Shamu (#?) was cool. But the trainers and the show ... lame. It was like Tom Cruise choreographed fist-pumping, couch jumping routines for the trainers. 

On our last full day we spent the morning in the Animal Kingdom and the Preacher and I FastPassed Exploration Everest (twice!). It was awesome. The first time I think I kept my eyes closed the whole time. The second time, I managed to keep them open. It was great. It is the DisneyWorld version of DisneyLand's Matterhorn. Miss Crab, Baby Gonzo and MIL played in the Bone Yard (a big dinosaur play park) while we whipped through Everest.

In the afternoon we went back to the Magic Kingdom and saw that it was closing at 7pm (early) for a Pirates & Princesses Party. Essentially, you spend an extra $40 pp and get to stay in the park from 7pm-midnight with all the rides open, special dance parties, all the characters out and about, parades, etc... It was completely worth it. We were able to walk on to all the attractions. We took Miss Crab to Pirates of the Caribbean and got her outfitted with a tricorn hat, vest, puffy blouse and scabbard. She was so cute! All of these fluffy princesses were walking around and Miss Crab was a super cool pirate with pigtails.  

She met Ariel (the big moment for her) and it did not go well. She was so nervous I thought she was going to throw up. Barely held it together. I imagine the worst picture on earth will result from that encounter. 

All in all it was a great visit. I have lots of recommendations for folks who want to do a Disney trip.

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Marie said...

and you are a saint. Don't know if I have told you my personal theory on disney... my kids don't go until they are at least 8. I don't know that i can deal with that. and this is coming from someone who spent her honeymoon at disneyland...