Tuesday, February 19, 2008

(MarieFinds) She uses the same bottles as Britney!

So, apparently Britney Spears and I have something in common afterall. We both use this brand. I'm not sure what I think about that....
And no, unfortunately, the Soothie brand does not appear on the safe plastics list.
I didn't really get hip to the plastics issue until well after our bottle decision was made. Super Squirrel chose her own bottle brand. As Jess can attest, we went through no fewer than 25 bottle brands before we settled on one that SS would drink from. I did not feel up to the challenge of changing bottles on her after that drama. Mythical Baby #2 may get glass bottles to match the cloth diapers, though. The Lawyer doesn't know that yet... I will post my musings on cloth vs. disposals at some point. We are a year into it, and it just isn't that bad.
I wonder if daycares will take glass bottles? huh... we did actually have to refuse our place in line at the local parochial daycare because they wouldn't let us do cloth diapers.

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